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[Masking] approach to maintenance is no best, only better

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[Masking] approach to maintenance is no best, only better

Masking approach to maintenance
Good maintenance is essential for any kind of product, because good maintenance can not only make use of the best product performance, but also make the product use time becomes longer. Necessary goods Masking tape as a people's lives, we need it be a good maintenance.
1, Masking tape storage
Masking tape maintenance range includes maintenance Masking tape storage time, we want the US profile paper tape be a good memory, you need to put in regular masking tape storage warehouse. Warehouse storage and also to ensure clean and dry. Only such a storage warehouse to ensure the masking tape from the sun and rain. In addition, when the masking tape has been stored for a long time, it should be a masking tape regularly flip, flip and fold the time to ensure that the phenomenon of masking tape does not exist.
2, the use of masking tape
Masking tape to maintain the range also includes maintenance and use masking tape when we want the US profile paper tape were a good use, it is necessary according to their needs a reasonable selection of masking tape, and, You can not be of different types or different strength, different fabric layers of masking tape were used in combination. In addition, use masking tape to keep even when there is no masking tape Snake phenomenon, there must be a degree of tension.