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"Natural beauty" [PE Stretch] will know there is not a shot

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"Natural beauty" [PE Stretch] will know there is not a shot

PE stretch film has good tensile strength; elongation 300 above aspect, puncture-resistant strength; good tear properties and having a high degree of self-adhesive, advantageous fastening of the stretching operation; therefore make the whole object wrapped into a prevent cargo transported loose, collapsed stretched film having good transparency, good performance and safe, non-toxic, tasteless is an environmentally friendly packaging material, after wrapping objects beautiful, and make objects waterproof, dustproof , anti-corruption, anti-static, stretch film is widely used in the packaging of goods outside the box, such as exports, electronic components, printing paper, chemical raw materials, floor tiles, aluminum alloy, ceramics, textile fabrics, machinery and electronic products, computer communications, books and magazines, food and beverage, household electric products, refractories, building materials, steel, cylindrical products, wire, cosmetics and other products, and other industries tied wrapped packaging.
The use of PE stretch film has more than 300 good aspect elongation; pre-pull type stretch film wrapping machine; film can be drawn into a meter and then wrapped three meters; it is like a rubber band stretched as in the tie bundle more tightly; people with three volumes of film I only can get a roll of film; 60 save material costs.