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Do not let the "cheating" the [Import] stretch film waste your effort

Time:2014-10-10 Click:4070Times

Do not let the "cheating" the [Import] stretch film waste your effort

Stretch film import distinguish good and bad quality is:
First, color: such as high permeability type: transparent, protective film which no impurities, bubbles; light transmission rate can reach 99%. The actual effect is really good.
Second, import smoothness stretch film, protective film around the tangent whether smooth, whether there are air bubbles inside the protective film from the side after the maximum viewing angle to observe whether the abnormal phenomenon and weakened;
Third, the import stretched thickness of the film, the thin film is unlikely to be good.
Fourth, imports of stretch film with or without pungent smell, if the smell is obviously substandard products, can be observed when attaching the adsorption process is its automatic soft convenient.