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PE stretch film

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PE stretch film

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& ※ Related recommendation: [] PE stretch film PE stretch film price is Shiyan, Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Honest packaging products factory's main business, Shenzhen Honest packaging materials products factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong, has been in the packaging industry years of history, specializing in the production and sales of packaging materials, the main products are: 3m products, import licensing SF machine, hand stretch film, stretch film production PE environmental protection, cable film, sealing tape, double-sided adhesive tape, Textured paper ﹑ ﹑ sponge rubber kraft paper and other packaging materials, size specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, products have SGS test report, with the general taxpayer.

PE stretch film related presentations
PE stretch film (also known as Stretch) has a high tensile strength, tear strength, and good self-adhesive, so make wrapped objects into a whole, to prevent Transport scattered when the collapse. The film has excellent transparency. Wrapped objects beautiful, and make objects waterproof, dustproof, anti-corruption. The film is widely used cargo pallet packaging, such as electronics, building materials, chemicals, metal products, auto parts, wire and cable, daily necessities, food, paper and other industries tied wrapped packaging.

PE stretch film Features
PE stretch film anti-buffer strength, good resistance to puncture tear performance, thin, good cost performance. PE stretch film has a high tensile strength, tear strength, transparency and good retraction force, pre-stretch ratio of 400%, the container, waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft scattered and so on.

Uses PE stretch film
PE stretch film used for wrapping pallets and other wrapping, widely used in exports, bottle Cans, paper, metal appliances, plastics, chemicals, building materials, agricultural products, food and other industries.

For industry PE stretch film
With the development of stretch film industry, it has become a diverse, for example: PE stretch film, LLDPE stretch film, based on high-quality LLDPE as base material, not with the quality of tackifier plus by plus temperature, extrusion, casting, and then cooling is made by a chill roll having a high toughness, high elasticity, tear, high viscosity, thin, cold, heat, pressure, dust, water, single-sided stick and double stick, etc., can be saved when using the material, labor-saving, time-saving, widely used in paper making, logistics, chemicals, plastics, building materials, food, glass. Industrial stretch film is loaded with film products, with high tensile strength, elongation, good self-adhesive, high transparency of the object point. For manual stretch film, machine stretch film can also be used, it can be widely used in a variety of concentrated packaged goods. PE stretch film mainly extruded from polypropylene work terpene resins mix of several different grades made with puncture-resistant, high-performance super-strength, stacked on pallets of goods Wrapping, to make the packaging more secure cleaner, more super strong waterproof, is widely used in foreign trade and exports, paper, metal, plastic, chemical, building materials, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Since the construction of the factory, through its own accumulation, now has a number of highly qualified management personnel and technical personnel, the formation of a scientific management system and quality assurance that the product PE stretch film [in the industry] has a higher level. Welcome new and old customers!
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