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Related & ※ Recommended: Honest tape [tape] Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Shiyan Honest packaging products factory's main business, Shenzhen Honest packaging materials products factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong, in the packaging industry for many years, specializing in the production sales of packaging materials, the main products are: 3m products, import licensing SF machine, hand stretch film, stretch film production PE environmental protection, cable film, sealing tape, double sided tape, masking ﹑ sponge ﹑ plastic kraft paper and other packaging materials, size specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, products have SGS test report, with the general taxpayer.

Details tape
Application: product packaging, adhesive sealing
Long-term temperature resistance: 50
Short-term temperature resistance: 50
Substrate: Bopp
Custom processing: Yes
Brand: Honest
Scope: Packaging
Model: jz001
Color: yellowish transparent
Features: warnings, Taobao version warnings, transparent tape, can be customized
Product Number: jz001
Width: 55 (mm)
Length: 300 (m)
Thickness: 0.05
Extension factor: 1: 1
Adhesive: 1: 1

The principle role of tape
Tape is a base material and a binder composed of two parts, so that by bonding two or more objects that are not connected together. Which is coated with a layer of adhesive on the surface. The first adhesive from animals and plants, in the nineteenth century, rubber is the main ingredient of the adhesive; and modern is widely used for various polymers. The adhesive can stick to things, it is due to form bonds between molecules and molecules themselves to be connected items, such molecules can be bonded firmly sticking together. Component adhesive, depending on different brands, different types, there are a variety of different polymers.

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