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Tied me membrane

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Tied me membrane


& ※ Related recommendation: [] tied me film tied me membrane price is Shiyan, Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Honest packaging products factory's main business, Shenzhen Honest packaging materials products factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong, in the packaging industry for many years , specializing in the production and sales of packaging materials, the main products are: 3m products, import licensing SF machine, hand stretch film, stretch film production PE environmental protection, cable film, sealing tape, double sided tape, masking ﹑ ﹑ sponge rubber kraft paper and other packaging materials, size specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, products have SGS test report, with the general taxpayer.

For more information bundle box film
Material: PE film
Tied me film applications: Industrial
Manufacturers (Origin): Shenzhen
Tied me film thickness: 0.23 (mm)
Tensile Properties: 1: 3
Production process: extrusion cast
Tied me film Color: White
Width: 45-50 (mm)
Film appearance: Good
Manufacturer / origin: Shenzhen
Barrier properties: Good

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Tied me membrane is a thin flexible transparent sheet. Plastics, adhesives, rubber or other material. Scientific explanation of the polyester film is: made up of atoms, molecules or ions of two-dimensional material is deposited on the substrate surface. Example: an optical film, composite film, the superconducting film, a polyester film, a nylon film, a plastic film, and so on. Films are widely used in electronic appliances, machinery, printing and other industries.

Shopping tips bundle box film
Film varieties on the market a lot, but the most common printing films have BOPP, NY, PET, PE. To print, the most important of course is the effect of the surface treatment film, NY film is wet. Should be developed on the surface tension of the film is a film Volume measurement process requirements when printing. Corona effect is time-sensitive, place too long, the corona effect may decrease too much reach the printing requirements; can be avoided because they do not accidentally reversed the membrane surface printing hidden faults.
PE film is the object of our focus to pay attention to: the film roll may have missed corona treated blown film; the film thickness through the large or uneven corona effect is insufficient; blowing agent is added too much slip or GAO slip aggregate ratio is too large to cause a significant decline in the corona effect. When 12 ~ 15umPET film appears on both sides of the corona effect less apt to cause the printed film roll back stick failure. Corona requirements printed film: BOPP, PE≥38 dyne, PET≥50 dyne, NY≥52 dyne. NY film after corona effect will not have water to produce a greater impact, it is determined whether the NY film absorbing film to see whether the contraction from the trend phenomenon, cutting a film into the oven for a few hours, whether or not feel stiff, since if the trend , stiff phenomenon, the NY film excessive water. To film in the procurement of certain suppliers for illustrative purposes and requirements of the film, the film varieties refinement, the light that PET, NY, BOPP name, the supplier may have several varieties, but not necessarily are suitable.

Since the construction of the factory, through its own accumulation, now has a number of highly qualified management personnel and technical personnel, the formation of a scientific management system and quality assurance of the product [the film] has a more tied me in the industry high standard. Welcome new and old customers!
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