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Plastic wrap

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Plastic wrap


& ※ Related recommendation: [] cling film cling film price is Shiyan, Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Honest packaging products factory's main business, Shenzhen Honest packaging materials products factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong, in the packaging industry for many years, professional production and sales of packaging materials, the main products are: 3m products, import licensing SF machine, hand stretch film, stretch film production PE environmental protection, cable film, sealing tape, double sided tape, masking ﹑ sea cotton rubber ﹑ kraft paper and other packaging materials, size specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, products have SGS test report, with the general taxpayer.

Related introduction of plastic wrap
Cling film is a plastic packaging products, usually ethylene masterbatch made by polymerization reaction, mainly used for food heating microwave, refrigerator food preservation, fresh and cooked food packaging and other occasions, in family life, supermarkets, stores, hotels and industrial production are widely used in food packaging. Depending on the materials used and added plasticizers, plastic wrap into a variety of types, suitable for different occasions. Plastic wrap its convenient, economic, aesthetic characteristics by people of all ages. However, in the production process generally added plasticizers, plastic wrap impact on human health has also been a concern.

Notice the use of plastic wrap
1. large heating oil food, and food wrap film should be kept separate state, not to make direct contact with both. Because the food is heated, food oil may reach very high temperatures, the wrap film breakage, stick to the food.
2. It should be well covered containers when heating food with plastic wrap, then toothpicks needles cling film in a few holes, in order to facilitate water evaporation, prevent the expansion of the gas leaving the plastic wrap blasting.
3. The maximum temperatures of the heat-resistant plastic wrap brand marked vary, and some difference of about 10 ℃, higher temperature inside the microwave oven, generally reach about 110 ℃, heating takes a long time, heat can be selected higher plastic wrap.

How to wrap film discrimination
PVC cling film transparency, tensile and cohesive than PE cling film strong. PVC cling film when using fire, flame black, black smoke, pungent odor, does not drip, it will automatically turn off after leaving the fire source. While PE cling film flame yellow, odorless, will drop of oil, and can leave the fire continued to burn after the source. If the label is a PVC material or marked unknown, advised consumers not to buy and use.

Characteristics of plastic wrap
Ideal cling film should meet the following conditions:
1. Easily be pulled out and cut;
2. Easy and glass-ceramic utensils and stainless steel surfaces (but not plastic wrap itself) bonding;
3. Nearly transparent and no wrinkles, uneven thickness of such a situation;
4. General can withstand pull pressures.

Use plastic wrap
1. Cover food containers, from bacterial infection.
2. Food parcels, easy to save (for example: sandwiches).
3. The soup bowl covered with plastic wrap refrigerated, can be separated from the oil to the soup.

Since the construction of the factory, through its own accumulation, now has a number of highly qualified management personnel and technical personnel, the formation of a scientific management system and quality assurance of the product] [plastic wrap in the industry has a high level. Welcome new and old customers!
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